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What are you really afraid of?

I must admit...I've had to ask myself this question a lot lately. I've noticed that fear has crept into my mind a lot recently. I've spoken to several clients in recent months about a variety of fears. What happens if I don't get this job? What if my husband and I can't work it out? What if I get sent back to my country? What if my mom dies? So many questions plague our minds on a daily basis.

Our bodies are designed to have an amount of fear or anxiety. This is what produces the "fight or flight" reflex we get when we sense danger in a situation. There are those of us who may have a more heightened since of fear or "danger" that severely impacts and even cripples one's ability to function. For those who fit in that category, I strongly suggest that you seek some professional help to navigate through it and learn strategies on how to manage it.

Faced with many decisions I've had to make recently, I've had to ask myself "What am I really afraid of?" I know we all can go through the back and forth of what happens if I choose this or that option. Those of us who are believers can also be caught using "I'm waiting on God" as an excuse to move forward. Are you really waiting on God, or are you just afraid to do what He has already told you to do? If we're honest, most times it's our fear holding us back and not anything or anyone else.

This life was not designed to be an easy, breezy walk in the park everyday. It's about making a daily decision to get up, put on our adult hat, and take on the task of building something meaningful that will impact the life of someone else. Are you brave enough to try? Remember...there's someone waiting for you to do what God has created and purposed for you to do.

So I ask you...What are you really afraid of? Acknowledge that fear. Make a plan to work through it. Find someone to keep you accountable and encourage you. Trust God to guide you through your fears and anxieties, but put some action with it.

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