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Be Healed!

I recently underwent a major surgery. As much as I prepared myself for the pains and potential issues that could arise, I must say I was still struggling in the first days of recovery. I'm used to being a very independent person. I get up and go where I want to, when I want to. However, after this surgery, my body had changed. I couldn't get up and move like I wanted to. I had to rely on help to walk around and move. I could not do the things that I was used to doing and it was frustrating! I finally realized that I needed to sit myself down and allow my body to heal.

During this healing process, I've been thinking a lot about inner healing. How many of us are trying to go on in life and carry on business as usual, but have the weight of emotional wounds still hindering our growth? Maybe you haven't moved on from a relationship that ended and you're holding on to resentment and unforgiveness. It could be trauma from childhood or the past that you haven't dealt with. Perhaps it's the loss of a loved one that you're still grieving. In whichever situation you find yourself, one thing is for sure...It's time for healing.

You cannot continue to live your life stuck in the past and expect to grow and flourish. Let me encourage you to know that just as our bodies heal from physical wounds, so must our hearts heal from emotional ones. Just as you would seek help from a doctor to treat a physical ailment, it's just as important to seek help for an emotional one.

Don't allow the weight of the past to continue to keep you down. It's possible to be free from it. The choice is yours.

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